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With more than 400 boats sold and tens of thousands of people enjoying a KataKanu experience every year, the KataKanu is proving itself to be a great family boat and a valuable addition to any organisations fleet.

It is not possible to have a boat that will do everything and finding the balance between specialist and compromised is a difficult trick to pull off! The design brief for the KataKanu was safety, a reasuring, professional appearance, versatility and cost effective delivery. The finished product has far exceeded this brief! A main stream boat used by one of the countries leading Holiday Village companies, also used by special educational needs groups and the Army cadets, proves the boats appeal across a wide spectrum of needs and interests.

Proof of the KataKanu' versatility and cost effectiveness can been seen in the increasing number of providers now operating fleets of 6 + boats.  

Intended for use on canals, rivers, lakes, estuaries and sheltered coastal water, the KataKanu was carefully designed to track well, whilst retaining maneuverability and to hold sufficient buoyancy to support its intended load even if the seating areas are flooded!

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