User guide:

The KataKanu is intended for use on 'placid' water.

Maximum recommended load is 450Kg.

The KataKanu CAN capsize and CAN sink. If the hull is holed it will sink and if the crew deliberately set out to capsize the KataKanu I am sure they will succeed! Additional buoyancy in the form of inflatable bags can be fitted and in 12 years of production no incidences of accidental capsize have been reported.

Risk assessment and instructor ratios:

The KataKanu is a very versatile boat.  I have during the past decade supervised 60 people in 10 KataKanus, using just one safety boat, conversely it is usual to have 3 supervisors in the same boat with high dependency clients. Your risk assessment will take into account the whole environmental conditions and the ability of the client group.

It should be realized that the construction and design of the KataKanu can provide considerable mitigation of risk, it is a large 6 seat stable platform.


The KataKanu is made from polyethylene, this is a tough material, BUT so is steel and you wouldn't jump on your car! It is a twin wall construction encapsulating 800 liters of air.

Soft soled shoes should be worn, move around the boat with caution. Polyethylene boats should be stored out of direct sunlight.

The KataKanu hulls are slim and are very sensitive to trim. The boat will handle most easily with the bow high, experienced crews might benefit by trimming the boat flatter, but avoid the bow being lower than the stern. Weight distribution from left to right is much less critical .

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